Culture First is able to offer local authorities and other organisations planning and delivering culture and sports activities a support package of training on the following topics: 

Outcomes Framework for Culture & Sport

Culture and sport, perhaps now more than ever before, must demonstrate the contribution the sector makes to better outcomes for individuals, communities and places.

The Outcomes Framework for Culture & Sport will help local authorities and third sector culture and sports organisations to:

  • measure and evidence the difference their service makes and its contribution to local priorities
  • make the case for continued investment of public money
  • demonstrate to other organisations why they should be working with the local authority
  • influence the commissioning process
  • focus business and service plans on the priorities for the local area
  • communicate the value of culture and sport to opinion formers and decision makers
  • promote improvement by identifying what works in delivering better outcomes

The training session will:

  • Introduce the outcomes framework for culture and sport and explain how it can help
  • Show how the framework can be used at a local level by creating an outcomes triangle, logic model, evidence list and performance indicators
  • Include a practical demonstration of the web tools

Following the training there is an option for further follow-up work to support the creation of a generic or theme-based outcomes framework for culture and sport on any of these common policy areas.

You can find out more about this training package here

Understanding & Engaging in Commissioning

Commissioning is a central part of the approach to transforming services because it offers a means of joining up resources to focus on improving outcomes for individuals and communities.

The aim of this training session is to help you and your team to consider how you could better engage with strategic and other commissioning processes taking place in your own councils and communities.  The workshop will refer to modules in Engaging in commissioning, a practical resource pack jointly produced by the LGA, cCLOA, Sport England and the Arts Council and use case studies to help illustrate the practice behind the theory.

During the training session you will:

  • Learn more about the commissioning cycle
  • Find out about the role of commissioners and consider what they want from your services
  • Undertake a self-assessment to establish where you currently are
  • Plan your future approach using the step by step guide

You can find out more about this training package here.

Measuring Social Value in Culture & Sport Organisations

Understanding the social value of your business is a tremendous asset.  It can help you to improve your services by managing the outcomes better, it can also support more effective engagement with staff/volunteers/Board members and it allows you to better market your business, raising your profile by better demonstrating to stakeholders and funders the impact of your organisation.

The aim of this training is to introduce social value, learn about Social Return on Investment (SROI), consider how similar organisations have applied the principles and help you and your team to identify how you could apply the process in your organisation.

The training uses a variety of techniques and includes a participatory approaches and exercises to help you:

  • Understand social value and why it is important
  • Explore how it can be measured
  • Learn about the stages and principles of SROI
  • Consider examples of SROI exercises in the sector
  • Begin to apply SROI to an organisation

 This one day course is delivered by Matrix Associate Judith Barker. You can find out more about this training package here.