Action Learning

Action Learning is a tried and tested method of accelerating learning that enables people to handle difficult situations more effectively.

What Action Learning offers:

  • Support and challenge from peers
  • Opportunity to learn from good practice and develop new ideas and different solutions
  • Development of individual listening and diagnostic skills
  • Giving and receiving feedback from peers
  • Insight about group dynamics and team working
  • Promotes double loop learning – not just problem solving but insight into core issues through challenging assumptions

When is Action Learning useful?

  1. To support organisational development and organisational change
  2. To face major challenges
  3. To test out new ways of working
  4. To map out ways to deal with a new situation
  5. To create reflection time for learning
  6. When a job or role is changing

The Theory

Action learning is based on a radical concept: L = P + Q Learning requires Programmed knowledge (i.e. knowledge in current use) and Questioning insight.  It uses small groups to provide challenge and support; individuals learn best with and from one another as they each tackle their own problem and implement their own solution.

The process integrates: research (into what is obscure); learning (about what is unknown); and action (to resolve a problem) into a single activity and develops an attitude of questioning and reflection to help individuals and organisations change themselves in a rapidly changing world.

The approach has been successfully applied to a wide range of situations in industry, commerce and the service sector.

How can I  an Action Learning set?

The Culture First team are trained facilitators and can help you set up local Action Learning sets linked to your existing forums and regular meetings.  To find out how you can start a local set contact:

Cambridgeshire/Peterborough -

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Hertfordshire/Suffolk/Norfolk/Luton/Beds -

or call us on 01473 345385