New version of CSIT - seeking your views

As we all know only too well, these very challenging times will have a profound effect on the culture and sport sector. To continue, re-grow and develop the services provided to the community, the sector is thinking differently and considering very different ways of working in collaboration with each other and civil society organisations.

To support this process of change, Local Government Improvement & Development (LGID) is creating a new and significantly different version of CSIT. This will build on previous versions to provide a practical, comprehensive toolkit to help the culture, sport, parks, green space and tourism sectors to survive, re-group & re-grow the services provided to the community.

The new toolkit comprises a range of interrelated tools, underpinned by a new version of the CSIT Benchmark and Self-Assessment (the new draft version of the CSIT Benchmark and Self-Assessment options are within the document titled Self-Assessment of Current Reality)

Self-Assessment using the new version of CSIT will be useful in the future as a means of triggering and agreeing required changes

LGID is currently in the process of consulting with the sector on the initial draft of the new toolkit.  As part of this LGID would value your views, so please do take time to review the new version and let us know your thoughts by posting a comment or take part in our Quick Poll:

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