National Trails

The Government has set out plans to hand over management of National Trails in England from Natural England to new Local Trail Partnerships. These would be made up of local groups and agencies. But the Ramblers argue that the plans pose a real risk to the quality of the trails and will also prevent the country from collectively harnessing the tourism, economic and health benefits of the trails. 

Instead they propose the creation of a national charity to protect these national assets and unleash their full potential.  Key concern’s are that the proposal leaves National Trails without a national champion to advocate and plan for their future; all the responsibility of managing and maintaining National Trails will be placed on already-stretched Local Authorities; the proposal provides no safety net in the case of a Local Trail Partnership failure. 

You can find out more about the issues here......  What do you think?

Should the management of National Trails be devolved to local groups?