Jun 05 2018 | 09:30
Jun 05 2018 | 12:45

The Art of Innovation

Trinity Park, Ipswich, IP3 8UH


Are you or your organisation based in/delivering work in Suffolk and interested in: 

  • Being more innovative in tackling inactivity?
  • Driving a range of innovative ideas to get people moving?
  • Forging new partnerships?

If so, you are invited to a workshop focusing on ‘the art of innovation’ as part of the Most Active County initiative. Led by Ignite Consulting – a highly renowned innovation and change consultancy – the workshop aims to provide an approach to being more innovative and to demonstrate how to use innovation in tackling inactivity.

The sessions will equip participants with the skills and knowledge to begin to drive a range of innovative ideas for increasing participation in sport and physical activity in Suffolk.


The workshop, which will be highly engaging, will focus on how to use all the assets at your disposal - in whatever form they take - to find creative ways to collaborate and drive new and bold ideas to address inactivity.

It will be shaped around a specific innovation process including:

  • Framing – Setting aspirations high and being clear about what we really want to achieve for our audiences
  • Illuminating – understanding the challenges, the assets at our disposal and where we might look for creative ideas
  • Creating – introducing stimulus (insight) to get participants thinking creatively, being unconstrained about the ideas we consider
  • Stretching and building – assessing the ideas, their impact and practicality, then developing some of the potential winners into action plans that can be taken forward.

The aspiration is for participants to feel inspired to collaborate and forge new innovative partnerships.

Participants will take away a tool to help them continue to develop innovative solutions outside of the workshop.

Please note - the organisers are especially keen to connect with organisations from outside the physical activity sector who feel they have something to offer efforts to address the current inactivity epidemic facing society.  


To take advantage of this opportunity, then please either book at or contact Phil Lown at or on 07864 614979 for further details.


Most Active County (MAC) is a portfolio of initiatives to increase participation in sport and physical activity, all ultimately aimed at achieving Suffolk’s long-term ambitions of becoming the most active county in England.