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Feb 21 2012 | 00:00
Feb 21 2012 | 01:00

New World Leadership Skills Gym

The Maltings, Ship lane, Ely, Cambs, CB7 4BB

Tools and tips from the workouts

The Leadership Skills Gym provided an opportunity for delegates to exercise their leadership skills in the same way that you exercise your body in the gym.  And, as with a gym, this programme offered support from specialist Coaches who offered a workout schedule based on pre-identified leadership goals and strengths & areas for improvement. You can download resources on the following topics:

Relationship building


Coaching skills

One-to-one coaching question toolkit

Developing superior communication skills

Superior communication techniques

Understanding and adapting to sensory preferences to influence others

Communicating with the sub-conscious

Managing in a political context

Local government role tension

Local government overlapping spaces

Member/officer perceptions

Micro-political mapping

Fox, owl, donkey, sheep quadrant

If you would like Culture First to provide a bespoke Leadership Skills Gym for your organisation please contact 

If you want to follow up the Leadership Skills Gym Workouts with personal coaching, please contact or 07833 18303

Remember change happens through self-awareness, practice, error, practice...and more practice!