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Jul 04 2011 | 11:00
Jul 04 2011 | 14:00

Make the CASE

Anglia Ruskin University, Cambridge


The DCMS Culture and Sport evidence programme CASE aims to strengthen understanding of how best to deliver culture and sporting opportunities of the highest quality to the widest audience generating the best outcomes for society.

To help local authorities generate a cultural profile for their area CASE has commissioned a Local Cultural Profile tool, which brings together data on cultural participation and provision for arts, museums, libraries, archives and heritage.  These profiles build on the success of Sport England's Local Sport Profiles.

Presentation and Resources

Dr Adam Cooper, DCMS Evidence and Analysis Unit, introduced CASE and outlined the existing data and research relevant to local cultural policymaking.  The presentation contains live links to guide your exploration of CASE.

Making use of CASE

James Doeser, Arts Council England Research Team, and Adam Rigarlsford, Sport England gave a demonstration of the Local Culture & Heritage Profile Tool and Sport Profile Tool.

The Local Profile Tools contain locally available data on a range of topics including:

  • Local Area Profile - Data connected to the demographic nature and physical geography of the area
  • Economic Performance - Data on local culture & heritage business stock, new business activity, employment and financial performance
  • Attendance & Participation - Statistics on the attendance and participation of adults at cultural activities
  • Quality & Satisfaction - Data on the levels of satisfaction with and quality of current cultural & heritage assets in a local area
  • Education - Levels of involvement of students in cultural & heritage courses at GCSE and Higher Education level
  • Sites & Assets - Numbers of cultural sites and heritage assets that are based in a local area
  • Financial Investment - Details on the total grants and investment from local authority sources and National Lottery programmes
  • Nearest Neighbours - Comparisons of a number of data items with nearest local authority neighbours (based on the CIPFA model).

You can access the Local Culture & Heritage Profile Tool here and the Local Sport Profile Tool here

To illustrate the potential uses of these data sets, a number of challenges have been devised that directly relate to the workplace.  We hope these will help you to apply the Local Culture and Heritage Profile Tool and Sport Profile Tool to inform the future development of policy, plan provision, secure funding or engage in strategic commissioning in your area.  You can download the workbook here