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Feb 17 2011 | 10:00
Feb 18 2011 | 17:00

Efficiency challenge programme of workshops

The Maltings, Ely


The efficiency challenge is simple, adaptable and effective and requires only a few days of your time. 

Participating local authorities will conduct short, concise self-assessment against the new efficiency theme of the Culture & Sport Improvement Toolkit (CSIT), followed by reciprocal challenge of each other’s self-assessment.  You can find out more about the process here.

Undertaking the self-assessment will provide an excellent springboard for local authorities (and partners) to establish efficiency and value for money improvement projects and, significantly, to explore the opportunities for cross boundary collaborations.


You can download the efficiency benchmark and templates to assist here.

CSIT with theme 9 Efficiency

CSIT benchmark criteria

CSIT Efficiency scoping template

Self-assessment record for theme 9 Efficiency 


The workshops were supported by Local Government Development & Improvement and delivered by Brian King and Steve Wood.  You can find out more about how the process works from their presentations.

Introduction to the CSIT Efficiency theme

This presentation provides context for the benchmark, outlines the benefits of self-assessment, covers scoping and scoring and introduces the efficiency criteria and key features.

Peer-led Challenge

This presentation outlines the process for peer-led challenge and describes the benefits to all participants.

A further coached session will be offered in Rochford/Ely on 18th/19th May to support improvement planning based on the areas identified for efficiency through each individual organisations self-assessment.